Best jQuery Weather Plugin & Tutorials

1. zWeatherFeed

This plugin will read the current weather for a location using Yahoo! Weather. It produces structured HTML with in-built CSS classes for styling. Simple and easy to use.

2. simpleWeather

A simple jQuery plugin to display the weather information for any location. The data is pulled from the public Yahoo! Weather feed via the YQL API.

3. jDigiClock

jDigiClock is a jQuery plugin inspired from HTC Hero Clock Widget.

4. Create a Weather Widget Using jQuery, YQL and

5. How to Retrieve Yahoo! Weather using MagPie RSS and jQuery

In this tutorial I will show you how to display the Yahoo! Weather on your website, using a PHP RSS Parser, called Magpie RSS and JQuery (AJAX). The Weather RSS Feed uses 2 parameters: ‘p’ for location & ‘u’ for degree units. The base URL for the Weather RSS Feed is An address that gets the weather forecast in Sunnyvale, CA (zip code: 94089) in Celsius (c) looks like this: