7 Beautiful Premium jQuery Scrollbars

In the previous article we list free jquery scroIlbars.  In this article we collect some of beautiful premium jquery scrollbars.

1. RollBar – jQuery ScrollBar Plugin ($6)

RollBar plugin was created with idea to replace standard browser scrollbars and make them customizable to fit perfectly in almost any site design. This plugin can be used not only as replacement of native browser scrollbars, but even to create slideshows with external controls. Among other features RollBar can auto adjust to window size, recognize touch events on Android and iOS devices and respond to custom jquery events to scroll content. Check preview to find out the features of RollBar plugin!

2. jScroll: Stylable jQuery Scrollbar ($5)

It can scroll any sort of HTML , and has heaps of features, such as: vertical/horizontal scrolling, automatically resizing scroll handles, support for mousewheel. It is also very easy to create your own theme.

3. VenScrollBar – A jQuery Scrollbar Plugin ($10)

VenScrollBar is a jQuery plugin that allows web designers to replace the ugly, default OS scrollbar with custom ones that they create. All theming and customizations are done through CSS and the VenScrollBar API . The generated scrollbar completely implements the functionality of a regular scrollbar as well as offers some additional features such as auto-hiding and smooth-scrolling.

4. jQuery Horizontal Image Scroller w/ Lightbox ($12)

This is a jQuery image scroller with lightbox. The scroll bar/indexes and directional buttons allow for easy navigation of your image gallery. Image click can either open the included lightbox or a regular link. The scroller is also re-sizable and fully configurable through the plugin’s parameters.

5. Easy Scroll ($6)

This easy scroll application was made to simplify your work and save you time in developing any kind of web template or application, it can be easily inserted in any context and has a wide range of parameters that can make your scrolling unique.

6. liimeBar: An improved scroll bar for your website ($5)

LiimeBar is a jQuery plugin which removes the default browser scroll bar and replaces it with a sleek, modern one which will really impress your visitors and enhance your website.

7. FueledWeb Pro Thumbnail Scroller ($10)

FueledWeb Pro Thumbnail Scroller is an advanced multipurpose jQuery plugin, html5 thumbnail scroller and image gallery. Hit the Live Preview page for complete description of features, examples and plugin settings.