10 PHP Ratings and Charts Scripts

in PHP/Web coding


1. ThumbsUp


ThumbsUp is a flexible PHP voting script. It allows visitors to vote for anything you want on your website. An admin area and six different templates are included.

2. WTStats v3 Statistics & Analytics Script


WTStats v3 it’s a PHP script which tracks visitors of the registered websites, displaying the statistics of the visitors, along with charts for comparisons and more.

3. Analytics Board – Board for Graphs Lovers


Analytics Board is a powerful dashboard where you can overview your page statistics. Its uses the official GAPI so your data’s are secured, accurate and always up to date. It’s fully responsive so you can view it on any device from anywhere. No database required and it’s easy to set up.

4. ProStats Analytics Script


ProStats is a small , fast and useful php script . it will record visitors ( human or robot ) information and show them to you as you request them . ProStats gather a lot of informations , like visitor’s operating system , browser , country , ip , referrer and a lot more , but it wont reduce your website speed or pressure your server . However , you can select what informations you need , and it will only get them . Low server requirement and simple php , made ProStats an available script for any php site , include cms like WordPress and Joomla .

5. Skinnable Rating System + Admin Area


6. myAnalyticsLight


Google deactivating analytcs API v2.3 what I use in my script. This API is also used by WordPress plugins and Drupal moduls and lots of other softvare so the problem isn’t in my script.

7. User Voting & Page Insights


SeeMeLikeMe is a small and compact application that allows you to give your users the chance to vote on the content on your site. It also allows you to share page insight data (like on YouTube – except it works!) with your visitors or content publishers.

8. RenownedStats


This is a statistics application which is very easy to install and configure. This project can be added to any PHP application, whether it has a single entry point (e.g. index.php?page_name=home) or if it has many entry points (e.g. home.php).

9. Poll


With this script you can easily place and manage polls on your website. The template systems give you the ability to customize the look and feel of the poll so it seamlessly fits in with the rest of your website.

10. SimpleRatings


SimpleRatings allows you to easily add a rating system onto your website. It’s a great way to get your visitors more involved and receive feedback on your content from your visitors.