16 Best Chrome Developer Plugins


chrome browser become very power tools for developer when it come with power extensions or plugins such as javascript console, php console, speed tracker, css editor, .. And here we share 16 google chrome plugins that useful for developer.

1. Pendule

2. Builtwith Technology Profiler

BuiltWith is a web site profiler tool. BuiltWith returns all the technologies it can find on the page.


3. PHPanywhere

4. HTML Validator

It is an extension to validate the HTML code of the current web page


5. Sight

Sight is the Syntax Highlighter Chrome extension that makes reading code on the browser a joy.


6. Palette for Chrome

It creates a color palette from any image. Just right-click on the image and select the ‘Palette for Chrome’ option


7. Web Developer

It adds a toolbar button with various web developer tools.

chrome web developer

8. Google Font Previewer

It helps to choose a font from Google Font Directory with a few text styling options, and preview them on the current tab.


9. CSSViewer

CSSViewer is a simple CSS property viewer for Google chrome users.


10. Firebug Lite

It is popular extensions and provides the rich visual representation we are used to see in Firebug when it comes to HTML elements, DOM elements, and Box Model shading.


11. ColRD (Gradient Creator!)

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ColRD is a CSS3 gradient creator. ColRD gradient creator presents itself as color blocks—just like a palette. Inside each color block you will find the midpoint controller. These controllers allow you to stretch the color towards the left or the right of the block. Color blocks can be reorganized by dragging and dropping, and you can delete different areas of the gradient by dragging them out.

12. html5 Snippet-Beta

13. PHP Console

Its display PHP errors/debugs in chrome.

14. Speed Tracer

Speed Tracer is a tool to help you identify and fix performance problems in your web applications.

15. Font Editor

Using this powerful extension for test different fonts and font sizes on any web pages


16. Editor Lite

Edit HTML easily, right inside your browser.

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