7 jQuery Plugins for Thumbnails

Today we collect 7 jquery plugins for thumbnails. some of them have an amazing effect.

1.jQuery NailThumb

Basically what you need for each thumbnail is a container and a way to set your thumbnail width and height.

2. bxGallery

bxGallery is jQuery image gallery plugin that contains automatic thumbnail generation.

3. Image Gallery With Custom Sized Images (Bonus jQuery Plugin)

As I promised in my previous article, here is the tutorial on creating a gallery out of the custom sized images. As a bonus you’ll learn how to create a basic jQuery plugin to present the larger sized image of the thumbnail in a more appealing way.

4. Thumbnail Gallery (jQuery Plugin) ($7)

A very customizable jQuery Plugin Thumbnail Gallery, that can be edited from a JSON or XML file. The gallery is completely resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones).

5. Simplethumbs: Simple Thumbnails Gallery Script for jQuery

This plugin works with minimal markup and is easy to instantly configure. The image that appears in the gallery window must be pointed at in the HREF attribute of each thumbnail. The thumbnail that is currently displayed will have an “active” class on it. You must configure most of the styles yourself, as there is minimal interference from the plugin.

6. jQuery Thumbs

jQuery Thumbs dynamically wrap images and links with a span. You can specify a default size (width and height) inside the css file. And optionally it can automatically center the image inside the “frame”.

7. Flow Slider jQuery Plugin

Flow Slider jQuery Plugin. Flow Slider is a JavaScript thumbnail slider.