9 Useful WordPress Live Chat Plugins

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The best way to make visitors find what they need before they leave your site is to provide live chat support. In this list below we list some best WordPress live chat plugins



Live chat software for WordPress plugin that integrate with LiveChat – an application for online customer service and support.

ClickDesk Live Support – Live Chat – Help Desk Plugin for Websites


ClickDesk provides a magic bundle of lightning-fast wordpress live chat, voice chat, lite help desk and social toolbar.

Live Chat


Live Chat is the easy way to have a live chat in your your wordpress blog.

Zopim Live Chat


Zopim is an award winning chat solution that helps website owners to engage their visitors and convert customers into fans!

FlexyTalk – Live Chat


Start chatting to your site’s visitors and FACEBOOK fans from Google Talk or mobile phone . FREE lifetime account with unlimited chats.

Rhino Live Support – Live Chat


Provide premium customer service by chatting live with your customers and give direct assistance where it’s needed – at any time!

Unlimited operators and departments, transfer customers, IP-Location, advanced statistics and much more…

Completely AJAX driven, fast, reliable and easy to use.

Customer feedback form, star rating and extended statistic.

What can you do with Rhino Live Support for WordPress

  • This is a WordPress Plugin
  • Provide Customer Support / Live Chat thru your WordPress based website.
  • All conversations saved automatic.
  • Send any conversation to any email address.
  • Unlimited Operators
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Unlimited Departments
  • Unlimited Standard Responses
  • Two User Roles (Admin/Operator)
  • Transfer Customer to another Department/Operator
  • End Conversation as an Operator
  • IP – Country GEO Location
  • Customer 5 Star Rating Feedback
  • Extended Statistics
  • Customer can Print/Email Conversation
  • Customer can Rate Conversation/Operator
  • Fast, reliable and no other software required

WP – Quack Chat Live Chat System


This WordPress plugin packs all of the features available in version 1.0.2 of the PHP script. It is the only live support plugin that texts your phone when you are needed.

Quack Chat integrates easily into your website and provides a mobile-friendly way to interface with your customers. Quack Chat is web based and can be used from almost any computer or mobile device.

With the option to receive an email or text when you’re needed, you are notified immediately when a customer on your website is ready to chat. Set it to send a text your mobile phone and get alerts wherever you go..


  • Instant Notification via Text or E-mail
  • AutoScrolling Chat Window
  • Audible Notification System
  • Automatic Archiving (History)
  • Mobile-friendly Administration Panel
  • Customizable Chat Window
  • Customizable Automatic Greeting
  • Auto focus on Message Box
  • Ready for iOS Web App Integration
  • One-sided HTML Support (admin can send html, customer cannot)
  • Online / Offline Mode with Away Message
  • Floating chat window for in-site chat (user can still browse site, chat always hovers)
  • Chat window remembers your session if you accidentally close the window
  • Offline Notification Settings (sends notification elsewhere when offline)
  • Offline messaging option for collecting dynamic fields (name, email, phone, etc.)
  • HTML5 sound player for devices without Flash
  • Special audio activation toggle for iOS devices
  • Numbered conversations and history separated into pages
  • Previous and Next buttons while viewing an archived conversation
  • Mass Delete Button for History (with safety switch)
  • “Need Help? CHAT NOW” button will show current online/offline status

WordPress Live Chat Plugin for Sales and Support


Chat with your customers on your site for sales and support easily, and beautifully.

BoWoB Chat for WordPress


BoWoB Chat is a fully featured WordPress plugin, that integrates the BoWoB service (www.bowob.com). It provides real-time communication to your users, on your WordPress blog, Buddypress community or network of blogs (multisite).