50 Simple Free & Premium Tumblr Themes

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Premium Themes

Incorporated – Download


This is a nice and very feature rich Tumblr theme. You will have good functionality and a good looking blog with this theme.

Optic Responsive Tumblr Theme – Download

Simon is a simple, adaptive, Tumblr theme which is easy to install, customise, and get running!

3xistence – Responsive Tumblr Theme – Download


Optic is a responsive Tumblr theme perfect for any blog type featuring the Masonry jQuery plugin. Optic comes packed full of jQuery awesomeness letting you show your blog posts in all their glory. Pick colours for any part of the theme so you can fully customise it the way you want. Also pick your favourite font from the Google fonts library and add it in using the themes options panel.

UltraMnml – Clean & Responsive Tumblr Theme – Download


UltraMnml is a very clean, minimalistic and responsive Tumblr theme made for the power blogger. It supports all post types and is made for any type of Tumblr blogger, whether you’re a writer or a photo blogger, this theme will make your content look awesome. It is also responsive so it’ll look great on both your phone or tablet.

Simon – A Simple Tumblr Theme – Download


This theme was designed especially to showcase your beautiful pictures in high resolution! Yes, it works also on mobile devices, because all pictures uploaded by you with traditional way (i.e.: through Photo posts) are automatically swapped for their smaller versions to fit on mobile devices. It’s easy to customize, almost without any knowledge about coding.

Fredrik – An Adaptive Tumblr Theme – Download


Fredrik is an adaptive Tumblr theme which includes a grid based and blog based index page, as well as other features.

Mason – A Masonry Inspired Tumblr Theme – Download


Mason is an adaptive and cute Tumblr theme aimed at presenting your content, to any device, in a masonry based view. It has ajax based page loading, as well as URL tracking. Users can quickly view your posts, view them in the detail, and go back to where they were. Highly customisable, with support for Disqus, Twitter and Google Analytics. This theme gives a tailored view to each device (Android, iPhone, iPad, Desktop, etc) that visits it and only serves the content that is required, helping to speed up delivery of your site.

Glide Responsive Tumblr Theme – Download


The Glide Responsive Tumble theme resizes when your browser is resized. No matter what device you view the blog on it will still look as good as the full site. No need to zoom in and try to press tiny buttons. by themeforest

POPCASE – responsive layout – Download


POPCASE is a Tumblr theme with 3 column layouts and unlimited color scheme control, suitable for displaying your artworks and articles. by themeforest

Litefoli – Download


Clean and minimalistic portfolio theme with jQuery slider for designers, photographers and illustrators.

Perception Tumblr Theme – Download


Perception Tumblr Theme is useful for a freelancer, agency or business portfolio. It features a snippet of the posts content on the home page so more can be seen at one time. It’s a cool Tumblr theme for any level of designer, developer and blogger. Easy to install with the help from instructions file and video walk through.

Neat Tumblr Theme (responsive theme) – Download


Neat is a Tumblr theme which provides a classy and clean experience especially for pictures blogs. It features an unique and original scroll experience for your visitor. Indeed, I have written a jQuery plugin especially for this theme which allows to use the size of you window for each post and obviously the layout is fully responsive. by themeforest

Pop Gallery Tumblr Theme (responsive theme) – Download


Pop Gallery is a Tumblr theme for visual portfolios, galleries, handcrafts shops, with the unique possibility to present distinct thumbnails for new, sold and reserved items. It has a beautiful and clean design with circular thumbnails. by themeforest

Timeline tumblr theme – Download


TIMELINE is a Premium Tumblr Theme that was designed to view your tumblog as timelines. This is a personal theme that’s suitable in use for people who have an active and enjoyable life. by themeforest

Domericano – Minimal Tumblr Blog / Portfolio Theme – Download


Domericano is a clean, minimal and beautiful Tumblr Theme using the Masonry effect as well as optional Endless scrolling. It is suited for all kinds of blogs and portfolios, easy to install, has a ton of options and is heavily jquery enhanced.

Cleanfolio – A elegant Tumblr portfolio theme – Download


Cleanfolio was designed to be as clean as possible in order to let your work take the stage. It is suitable for all kind of creative portfolios as well as for small businesses.

Sakura t. – Download


Pixelated – Download


Pixelated theme is a premium tumblr theme designed by Oscar Barber to display the best way all you want to share on Tumblr. This theme focus on details and supports every single post type Tumblr allows. by themeforest

SimpliciTheme: Blog Template for Tumblr – Download


SimpliciTheme is a very easy to customize Tumblr Theme. By using Tumblr’s own customization panel/dashboard you won’t have to think about the code behind the theme. You can give this theme a completely different look with just a few clicks. by themeforest

Nuance – Download


Nuance is a clean, minimal, customizable and unique tumblr theme. by themeforest

Time goes back – Download


TGB is a clean and functional Tumblr portfolio you will love this theme. by themeforest

Cream – Download


Cream is a clean and simple Tumblr theme using subtle textures and colors for a light and playful feel. Main colors are creamy tones of beige and tan, accented with pinks for links and accent items. by themeforest

Free Themes

Grayhound – Download


by flattick (free theme)

Doodling in Class – Download


by bottledsky (free theme)

Panda Classics Recycled – Download


by davidcoops (free theme)

Circus – Download


by jiewmeng (free theme)

Focus – A Minimalistic Responsive Tumblr Theme – Download


Focus is a minimalistic and adaptive Tumblr theme aimed at presenting your content, to any device, without clutter. by themeforest

Godlike Bliss – Download


by godlike

Luxury Notes – Download

tumblr theme luxury

by gilbitron

CyberDream – Download


A theme for Tumblr inspired in cyberpunk aesthetics, playing with shadows and greens and computer typography. It is background-fixed, so the content slides gently all along the page. Minimal, yet elegant, it is easy-readable and very comfortable before the eyes of the reader. by themeforest

Tumbl News – Download


Lot’s of nice elements in this newspaper style Tumblr Theme. by themeforest

Rank & File – Download


by sleepoversf

Scaffold – Download


by sneak

Scribble – Download


by obox

Ribbon Section – Download


by obox

Rockstar – Download


by woothemes

Fluid – Download


by pixelunion

Sonic – Download


by pixelunion

Splatter – Download


by obox

Free Themes

Organ – Download


by simurai (free theme)

Ffekt Two – Download

Ffek Two

by bustee (free theme)

Chalkdust – Download


by mia-caro

Ultralite – Download


by doinwork (free theme)

Ava-May – Download


by mikeballan

Esquire – Download


by matthewb

Cheerful Girl – Download


by queendesigning (free theme)

ColorBars – Download

color theme

The Traveler – Download

the traveler

by tenchfroast

Hobo – Download


by mikeballan

CComic5 – Download


by jiewmeng (free theme)

Color Shades – Download


by gondaba

Mellow Yellow – Download

Mellow Yellow

by laurenashpole