5 Useful PHP Shoutcast Scripts

in PHP/Web coding

Multiserver Shoutcast and Icecast Stats


Are you tired of checking all of your Icecast & Shoutcast servers one by one ? This script will speed the process for you and allow you to get info from all of your servers at once and much more. Its also very easy to customize.

Shoutcast Info & Stats


Shoutcast Info and Stats is a PHP script where show varius informations and statistics from web radio stations who using service Shoutcast. This script is perfect if you have a web radio station and using this service for stream your music.

PHP-Javascript Shoutcast and Icecast


PHP-Javascript Shoutcast and Icecast V2.0


This is a PHP – JavaScript Shoutcast Player with current Song Title, SongHistory including last 10 played song and also AlbumCover in a TEASER form.

Shoutly Stats for SHOUTcast


Shoutly Stats for SHOUTcast is a script that able you to show basic information of your Web Radio. So, you can show in your web site info such “current listeners”, “maximum listeners”, “bitrate” and “current song”. Simple, elegant and functional.