5 Useful Chat Room Tutorials with PHP and jQuery

  • Jonh
  • May 14, 2012
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In this collection you will find useful chat room tutorials.

1. Building a jQuery/PHP Powered Chat Room

In this tutorial we are going to build a little chat program that is really easy to get up and running on any server running PHP. No database is required – as the chat will store itself in a simple text file.

2. How to Create A Simple Web-based Chat Application

The chat application we will be building today will be quite simple. It will include a login and logout system, AJAX-style features, and will also offer support for multiple users.

3. Ajax and jQuery chat system

jQuery combined with Ajax results in the building of powerful apps, most chat systems are based an a combination of these two technologies and in this tutorial you will learn how to build one for your site.

4. NodeJS + Socket.IO + jQuery chat scripting x32 speed

5. Gmail and Facebook like chat

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