5 jQuery Metro UI Plugins

in Jquery/Web coding

Today we share 5 jquery metro ui plugin that look like windows 8 and windows phone 7.

1. jqMetro

Using this plugin you can convert your categorized items into a pivot-style view. This page itself is a good example of how the pivot control will look like in your browser.

2. metro.js

3. jqmobile-metro-theme

This theme provides a Metro user interface for Cordova apps using jQuery Mobile on Windows Phone 7.5.

4. jquit

jQUIT Builder you can build custom jQuery UI themes based on Metro UI. Use the controls in the left side, and when you’re done press download. Feel free to include the theme on your own website, however keep in mind this is a beta version and can’t be guarenteed 100% bugfree yet.

5. jQuery Metro UI Plugin


Premium Plugins

MetroBox – Responsive LightBox

MetroBox is a jQuery plugin for displaying photos/videos or anything you want with visitor/user comments ( like social network features ).

MetroPanel – The New Navigator for Modern Sites

MetroTabs with jQuery and CSS3 Effects

Metrotabs is a light jQuery plugin to create tabs with metro style. You can align tabs positions at anywhere you like ( horizontal/vertical or any way ). The content can be anything ( paragraphs, images, video, iframe, … ), every content is an independent file. When a tab is clicked the content of this tab will be load by ajax method with slide effects. You can customize the style of tabs and content by choose from many styles, many colors/images have already created in CSS file or make new ones by your own.

Metro Flexible Navigation

The Metro Flexible Navigation is a minimal, clean grid layout inspired by the new Windows 8 interface. It can be customized to be laid out horizontally or vertically. It’s scrollable and dragable at the same time and contains useful sliding controls. Icons can be changed, there is a large collection available.