5 Cool jQuery Timer Plugins

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In the article we share 5 jquery timer plugin. Hope you find it useful.

1. jQuery Timer Plugin

This plugin will allow you to add a simple timer to a HTML element like DIV or SPAN or any other valid display element. You can style this element to show the timer in a nice way

2. jQuery idleTimer plugin

There are a few cases where you want to know if the user is idle. Namely:

  • You want to preload more assets
  • You want to grab their attention to pull them back
  • You want close their banking session after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • You want the site to sneak off the screen and see if they notice

3. jQuery Timer

4. jQuery Time Entry

A jQuery plugin that sets an input field up to pick a time value using a spinner. Complement this plugin with the jQuery Datepicker plugin, for a popup calendar, the jQuery Calendars plugin, for support of other world calendars and a datepicker that works with them, or the jQuery Date Entry plugin, for spinner entry of dates, or combine date and time entry with the jQuery Date/Time Entry plugin.

5. jQuery Timer

The purpose of the timer plugin is to provide a nicer way to use setTimeout function in webpages. The timer plugin can be used like any other jQuery plugin and can be attached to any object in the webpage (however, it needs to be a DOM element if the timer functionality is used to load contents from a url).