20 Animal Character illustrator Tutorials

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tiger 25 Illustrator Tutorials For Creating Animal Illustrations

Today we share useful illustrator tutorial on create character in illustrators.

Updated: 27 May 2014

Design a Cute Hamster Avatar


2. How to Draw a Funny Bee Illustration

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3. How To Draw a Cute Vector Dog Character in Illustrator

Follow this step by step design process of the making of a vector character. We’ll start with a hand drawn sketch of my dog, Jake the labrador retriever, then add various lines, colour fills gradients and highlights to produce a cute cartoon representation.


4. Create a Tiger Striped Cat with Illustrator

I’d like to have a cat here in Krakow but there’s too much responsibility attached to such a pet. Until I decide to put up with that, vector cats will have to do. Here’s how to create one in Illustrator.

5. Create the Face of a Greedy Monkey

This tutorial will help you create a simple illustration of a monkey face. It uses the Ellipse Tool, the Pen Tool, the Rectangle Tool, the Crystallize Tool or the Gradient Tool. For the shadow effects you’ll use some classic effects like the Inner Glow or the Gaussian Blur.


6. Create a Cool Vector Panda Character in Illustrator

Here’s a step by step walk-through of the process used to create a cool Panda character, from the basic outlines through to the detailed final design.


7. How to Create a Cool Monkey Character in Illustrator

In this tutorial, yo’re going to be creating a monkey character illustration using Adobe Illustrator. You’ll be using basic Shape Tools, the Pen Tool and various other Illustrator techniques to create the illustration.


8. How to Design a Cheeky Koala Mascot Head

This tutorial will show you how to combine basic shapes with some clever coloring and blending to make a fantastic looking koala character. You’ll use some opacity masks, brushes, gradients and effects, in addition to an easy shading technique you’ll find yourself using in plenty of other projects.


9. Create the Face of a Goofy Bunny

The following tutorial will help you create the face of a goofy bunny. You won’t need the Pen Tool. Only the Ellipse Tool and the Rectangle Tool plus some basic effects like the Inner Glow, the Drop Shadow or the Warp effect.


10. Create a Cute Vector Penguin Character in Illustrator

Follow this step by step Adobe Illustrator tutorial to create a simple vector penguin character. We’ll be using many of Illustrator’s basic shapes to create the structure of the character, which makes this tutorial great for beginners. We’ll then make use of various gradients to really bring the character to life with depth and dimension.

11. Create Textured European Goldfinch Characters

Make a unique character design of a European Goldfinch with paint splatters and textures. The techniques used will be Live Trace, Pathfinder, Transparency, Distort, Warp and Clipping Masks.

12. Twitterlove Bird, from Sketch to Vector in Photoshop and Illustrator

Tutorial for creating a twitter bird using both photoshop and adobe illustrator.

13. How to Create a Curious Owl in Illustrator CS4

A perfect tutorial for creating vector character.The tutorial is not for beginners but easy to follow steps.

14. Create a Cute Baby Seal with Illustrator

A simple tutorial to teach you how to create a super cute baby seal

15. Create a Cow As Chinese New Year Zodiac

Easy to follow tutorial for creating an interesting cow character.

16. Create a Cute Little Tiger in Illustrator

tiger 25 Illustrator Tutorials For Creating Animal Illustrations

17. Creating a Colored Shape for Your Line Drawing Without Retracing It

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bear 25 Illustrator Tutorials For Creating Animal Illustrations

18. How to Turn a Sketch into a Fat Cat Vector Illustration

fatcat 25 Illustrator Tutorials For Creating Animal Illustrations

19. Maintaining Rhythm and Flow in Vector Character Design

The following tutorial gives out tips in creating rhythm and flow in a character design. With the help of Adobe Illustrator, you can also achieve this by following the tips given.

Character Tutorial in Illustrator

20. OWL DiNG Tutorial

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Character Tutorial in Illustrator

An Owl character is created in the above tutorial and it will walk you through the sketching stage using your pencil to Adobe Illustrator, after which will lead you to photoshop to add more details and give the image a washed look.

Create an Elegant Patterned Vector Owl in Illustrator

owl1 25 Illustrator Tutorials For Creating Animal Illustrations

Furry Vector Monster

Cute Hippo

Create a cute Hippo Character using simple technique like shapes drawing .


Cute Bunny Vector Character

Using shapes and gradients and apply to character illustrations.

Twisted Monkey Studio Mascot