18 Useful jQuery Plugins For Facebook

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In this collection we list some great useful jQuery plugins for Facebook.

1. jquery socialist


jquery social media plugin that aggregates and combines Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and.. Combine social feeds from multiple social networks or RSS in elegant layouts via this social plugin

2. Koottam Social jQuery Plugin


A simple, powerful and elegant Social jQuery Plugin to display your social links. The plugin can be highly customized through 10+ options.

3. jquery facebook wall


jQuery plugin that lets you show the latest updates from your facebook profile og page

4. Facebook Friend Selector jQuery Plugin


Just what it sounds like: a jQuery plugin, and accompanying CSS, to emulate the Facebook dialogs used to select or tag friends. I made this for a Facebook canvas app I was developing.

5. jquery fbalbum


jQuery plugin to embedd Facebook photo albums in any website.

6. jQuery Facebook Photo Selector


A JavaScript plugin to create a Facebook photo selector. This is an interface component that allows you to select a photo from your albums as if you were inside of Facebook. It mimics the ‘Change your profile picture’ dialogue, but allows you to customize it as you like.

Premium Plugins

7. Facebook Traffic Pop


Tap into Facebook’s 600 million plus users now with the hottest Facebook traffic plugin. Facebook Traffc Pop is a new breed of ‘popups’ that will allow you to have your users like your pages, instead of trying to get them to click ads. More likes = more exposure = more traffic = more money!

8. Facebook Friend Chooser


This plugin is used to display a list of friends using the Facebook JavaScript API . Then user can select a few people and send them a message for example. The output of Facebook Friend Chooser plugin can be user names or user ID or whole user objects obtained by Facebook Graph API

9. jQuery Social Media Tabs


Combine all of your favorite social networks profiles & feeds into slick slide out or static tabs. Each social network tab loaded using AJAX only when required making the plugin very fast loading! Includes Facebook, Twitter, Google + & LinkedIn share links to make you social network feeds more interactive, help promote your social network posts and boost your traffic!

10. jQuery Facebook Gallery


The jQuery Facebook Gallery script allows you to show all your Facebook albums (images) on your website. Please note that this script will only work with Facebook pages that belong to businesses or organization or pages that are registered as fan pages.

11. Facebook Like to Download jQuery


Facebook Like to Download for jQuery allows you to turn the Like Button into a social media traffic blasting download button. This unique plugin and idea is an all new way to give your users their content, and increase your social traffic ten fold.

12. Facebook Like Locker for jQuery


After many requests the powerful WordPress plugin is now on jQuery! Tap into Facebook’s 620 million users with Facebook Like Locker for jQuery. Like Locker will allow you to add thousands of fans to any site (not just WordPress) on Facebook with almost no work.

13. jQuery Social Timeline


The DP Social Timeline plugin lets you retrieve status/posts/videos/images from different social networks in a timeline format from the newest to the oldest.

14. jSocial


With jSocial you can easily place social share buttons under your articles and pages on your website. This script uses the jQuery framework and works completely client side. So you can use it on static and dynamic webpages.

15. jQuery Social Share Buttons Plugin


Add social share buttons to ANY website with the jQuery Social Share Buttons plugin

16. Like 2 Unlock for jQuery


The Like 2 Unlock plugin for jQuery is a Like Button and content locker in one bottle, which allows you to lock specified content on a web page until a user clicks the Like Button and help you to get more likes, fans, traffic and customers!

17. Share Photo & Tag Friends to Unlock for jQuery


This jQuery plugin allows you to lock a part of content on a web page until a user posts a photo to his Facebook profile and tags some of his friends in the posted photo. This plugin can increase your site traffic by popularising your website on Facebook.

18. CevherLink Facebook Like Increasing Popup Box