12 Best Flash Video Qalleries

  • lyva
  • Mar 15, 2013
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1. XML Image Video Gallery


You can use this as just an Image Gallery. Gallery supports unlimited number of categories. Menu autoscroll appears if number of menu items exceeds available menu space. Gallery supports unlimited number of items in each category. Each category can have different sized thumbs and different number of rows and columns. Description is optional for each image or video

2. Clean White Video Gallery


“Clean White Video Gallery” is a simple and elegant looking flash video gallery capable of showing a scollable list of videos.

3. Ultimate Resizable Video Player with Playlist AS3


4. Customisable Youtube/Vimeo/FLV/MP3/Image Gallery


Very easy setup via XML – change player size, colors, graphic effects…All player controls (buttons, menus…) are resizeable, as well as whole gallery (resizeable thumbnails, titles….) Turn “off” player part you dont need (for example if you dont want to have share menu, simply enter “off” in xml and other buttons willl reposition). You can easily edit player appereance ( colors, sizes, shadows, spaces), functionality, videos, descriptions, links, logo, advertisements…

5. Customisable Vimeo / YouTube / Flv Video Gallery


6. Dynamic Flash Media Gallery 2


7. 3 in 1 Video Players – Youtube/Vimeo/Flv/mp3/ads


This package containes 3 video players. With this video players you can play any media you want (Youtube, Vimeo, Flv, mp3, images, advertisement). You can use them to play only one video, or you can create gallery with thumbnails, titles and descriptions. Number of videos is unlimited. They are customisable and resizeable so they fit perfectly in every website design. Players have support for stage video, so you can have less CPU usage and more pixel sharpness.

8. Advanced XML Video Gallery


9. Smart XML Video Gallery


10. Video / YouTube / Vimeo Gallery V2


1. Three skins for you to choose from. So now it can fit perfectly in your site design. 2. Feeds from XML or FlashVars or from a xml set through FlashVars. Streams YouTube, Vimeo, videos hosted on a RTMP server or just on your local host. Wow! 3. Has html5 functionality so that it can display on iPhone / iPad. 4. Cross-browser compatible. Works on every major browser.

11. Video Gallery with Image Slideshow – 10 more style


12. Sequential XML Playlist Video Player


The Sequential XML Playlist Video Player is a fantastic flash utility that is easy to use and simple to customize. With dozens of options it’s a great player to that will fit any website whether for yourself or fulfilling a client’s need.