10 Nice Duct Tape Mock-Up PSDs

in Graphic & Design

Here are cool design mockup PSDs for Duct Tape.

Duct Tape Mock-up vol. 4

Round Circular Labels and Stickers Mock-Up

This mock-up of round circular labels lets you test your branding design.

Duct Tape Mock-Ups

It contains everything you need to create a realistic look of your project.

Duct Tape Mock-up Bundle

Duct Tape Mock-up

Guarantees the a good look for bright and dark designs and perfect fit to the shape.

Duct Tape Mock-up vol. 3

Use this mock-up to present your logo or pattern.

Duct Tape Mock-up

Branding & Logo Mock-up

Duct Tape / Logo Mock-up vol. 2

This mock-up is a great decision for presenting a logo for customer or showcase it in your portfolio.

Duct Tape Mock-Up