10 Best Electronics Store Opencart Templates

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In the article we list great electronics store Opencart templates.


1. A Chips template


2. Electronic store


This is a free OpenCart eletronics store template.This template features in popular color scheme for electronics sales. The whole looks clean and clear. This makes this template also suitable for other goods such as watches and lamps.

Premium Templates

3. Digital Shop ($30)


4. Computer Store – Premium OpenCart Theme ($35)


Computer Store is an advanced OpenCart theme fully customizable and suitable for e-commerce websites of any purpose. The template is characterized by universality, attractiveness and easy customization. The template is not only visually appealing, but also uses the newest trends in coding with the use of xhtml/css, php and jquery.

5. Responsive ($30)


Responsive, built on the Skeleton Framework, is the first ever responsive theme for OpenCart 1.5. This unique theme allows visitors to shop your store tailored to the screen size they are viewing it on. Responsive is not just another mobile theme, as the visitors resizes the browser the content dynamically moves for the best display experience.

6. Zeta Shop ($25)


7. Black Opencart Template ($20)


Black Opencart Template now in latest version of & it also contains 1.5.X version and with old version 1.4.9. The layout is an 3 column.

8. Sanstore Opencart 1.4.9 Template ($20)


Sanstore Opencart Template Supports Latest 1.4.9 Version. Available with two slight variations.

9. Vasco E-commerce OpenCart Template ($20)


Vasco theme has just been updated. I fixed some of the bugs reported by its users and also added nivo slideshow module, so now to add/ edit/ delete a slide you don’t need to edit any html. All you have to do is log in to your admin panel and upload your slides, add links and set settings. If you have already bought Vasco, please re download! Thanks.

10. iTechShop OpenCart 1.5.4 Theme ($30)