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10 useful jquerys password strength

Here are 10 password strength meter scripts for a better registration interface: PasswordMeter PasswordMeter is a JavaScript function that checks the strengths of passwords with a well-defined algorithm. And, the website of the resource nicely displays how the strength is calculated. Keep Reading


50 Awesome Abstract Photoshop Brush Sets

Abstract Photoshop Brushes are simply stunning. One single pack can blow away and upgrade a normal and simple design to a new level of awesomeness. Have you ever tried to create a sci-fi photo manipulation but you felt that something is still missing? Well, these brush sets might be what you need! Browse this showcase… Keep Reading

Freebies/Jquery/Web coding

Best jQuery Plugins of 2011

jQuery was first released in 2006. Nearly 5 years later, it’s still going strong – due largely in part to the community that’s been built up around it. This community of developers constantly releases plugins that allow web developers to easily add amazing functionality to their projects. Continuing our “Best of 2011″ series, the focus… Keep Reading

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