11 Great Infinite Scroll jQuery Plugin

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In the article we share 11 great  jQuery Infinite scroll plugin. Infinite scroll has been called autopagerize, unpaginate, endless pages. When a user scrolls towards the bottom of the page, the next page of posts is automatically retrieved and appended.

1. Infinite Ajax Scroll, a jQuery plugin

  • Infinite scrolling increases usability for you visitors, by removing an extra click
  • Increase average time spent on your website by visitors
  • Graceful degration for browsers without JavaScript
  • Allows for multiple instances, like for posts and comments
  • Easy to implement
  • Clearly coded and well documented
  • Similar technique as seen on Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader and many more…

2. infini_scroll

“infiniScroll” was written as a jQuery plugin. It works for blog posts… but will work for anything where you scroll to get more data. Just like Twitter.com, Facebook status messages, etc. Instead of paginating items, why not just keep scrolling? We like to scroll more than we like to go to a new page in some cases. It’s easier to get to items, and you already paid the prices of loading, so why load again! Posts and tweets are one thing, but will also work same for leaderboards, portfolio items, anything where you want to load subsequent elements.

3. Infinite Scroll jQuery Plugin

This plugin aims to progressively enhance your page. Your navigation/pagination elements should be present in the HTML for non-js users, but the plugin will utilize those links to build out a more rich browsing experience.

4. Autobrowse jQuery Plugin

infinite jquery plugins
This plugin adds automatic ajax loading of page content when the user scrolls the page, with built-in browser cache.Simply use autobrowse(options) on a container that you want to fill with content.

5. jQuery ScrollPagination

infinite jquery plugins
jQuery ScrollPagination plugin has been developed by Anderson Ferminiano for studying purposes, you may use it for free in any project you want, only preserve the credits.

6. Endless Scroll jQuery Plugin

If you don’t already know, endless scroll (or infinite scrolling) is a popular technique among web 2.0 sites such as Google Reader and Live Image Search, where instead of paging through items using the traditional pagination technique, the page just keeps loading with new items attached to the end.

7. Screw – A jQuery Plugin

infinite jquery plugins
Screw (scroll + view) is a jQuery plugin which loads HTML as a user scrolls the webpage. Screw will help you save bandwidth by only loading content as it is scrolled into view. Screw can also be used to create continuously scrolling, bottomless pages where content is appended to the bottom as the user scrolls.

8. Scroll Extend Plugin

infinite jquery plugins
The scrollExtend plugin is designed to automatically load new content at the bottom of the screen (by appending to a DOM element) when the user scrolls beyond the element, much like Facebook does with their status updates. The existing infinite scroll plugin was primarily designed to integrate with WordPress, which didn’t really suit my purposes.

9. Load Content While Scrolling With jQuery

infinite jquery plugins
The plugin helps increasing the initial load speeds of pages faster and users will have to load only the content they see.

10. Unlimited Scroll using the Twitter API

infinite jquery plugins
Instead of the regular pagination, where the user has to click to see the next page, unlimited scroll automatically loads the next page when the user is at the bottom.

11. Infinite Scroll Plugin

Infinite Scroll Plugin is another infinite scroll plugin, just like DZone’s system.

Premium Plugins:

Infinite Pages

Infinite Pages works by ‘paginating’ your data, and then feeding that data to the user ‘on demand’. This technique is known as ‘lazy loading’, and is becoming more and more common on the internet. An example of infinite scrolling is Google Images, where content is loaded as requested by the user.

FSS – Full Screen Sliding Website Plugin

FSS is a jQuery plugin for creating full screen sliding websites. The live preview is just a sample of what can be accomplished with FSS . It can be easily integrated into your website by placing a piece of javascript code between the <head></head> tags. FSS can work with any website, regardless of its design. You can create full screen and scrollable AJAX websites in no time.