32 Best Action Script 3 Game Tutorials

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In this tutorial collection, you will learn how to make up your own game using flash most of them use action script 3. Here I’ve listed 20 best flash game tutorials that will help you in creating a simple but cool flash game of your own

1.3D Slidin Puzzle

2.Pool Game

3.Pseudo 3D Pong Game

4.Star Shooter

5.Away3d Game

6.Baloon Shooter

7.Mini Golf

8.Racing Game

9.Random Wheel


11.Ball Game

12.Chicken and Eggs Game


14.“Nodes” Game

15.Strange Way to Move

16.Tower Defense Game

17.Catapult Game

18.Helicopter Games

19.Base Defender

20. Build a Physics-Based Platformer in Under an Hour

In this tutorial, you will learn to make a physics-based platform game in the quickest way possible with the World Construction Kit.

21. Artificial Intelligence Series – Part 1: Path Finding

This tutorial is the first of three which discuss how to give some Artificial Intelligence (AI) to games and apps you create. In this first tutorial we are going to learn about path finding, where you can click a point, then another point and the AI will figure out a shortest possible path to get between them. You can use the drop-down list to select the AI algorithm to use. You might think that this sounds just too hard, but it is actually pretty simple! This tutorial will explain two key aspects of the AI in games and then create a cool game using what you will learn.

22. Build an Intelligent Tic-Tac-Toe Game with AS3

“Tic-Tac-Toe, that’s boring!” you might think. In this tutorial I will show you that building a Tic-Tac-Toe game is anything but boring. It’s the ideal game to create when you would like to learn ActionScript 3.0. While building it you’ll learn a great deal about functions and event listeners, you will see how easy it is to customize the graphics of a game and you will even learn how to program Artificial Intelligence (AI).

23. AS3 Flash Games for Beginners: Firing Weapons with Delays

So you need to create a weapon, maybe a laser, and you want your character to fire the weapon. At the same time, you want a nice delay between firing each round instead of a crazy Gatling gun effect. Well this Flash tutorial is for you. We’re going to learn to make our Spaceship fire lasers with a nice timeout between each fire.

24. Make a Flash game like Flash Element Tower Defense – Part 1

The concept in this game is simple: there is a road, and some minions walking that road. You have to kill all minions before they reach the end of the road. You can build several facilities to kill minions and earn money to upgrade weapons as the minions get stronger and faster. This first part of the tutorial, covers the minion walking. It’s a very complex task, that will require almost 30 lines!

25. Shooting Objects Flash Tutorial

This flash game tutorial will show you how to shoot missiles at objects in flash games. This tutorial is a continuation of the Basic Space Shooting Game Tutorial, where we’ll be making it possible to destroy asteroids with the missiles.

26. Creation of a game like String Avoider tutorial

A really interesting “avoidance game” that was made in those days is String Avoider. The author of this “More than 1 million views” game in Newgrounds explains it in 12 words: “Avoid colliding with walls and guide your string through each unique level”. And that’s it. The aim of the game is guiding your string through some levels without touching the walls.

27. AS3 Flash Games for Beginners: Using Frame Labels and Art Tweening


If you like using MovieClips to animate your artwork in flash then this is a great method for doing it. Not only for Flash Games but for any project in which you have an object that needs to undergo different animations based on conditions. However, this will work perfectly for our Flash Game. So in this series you are going to make our Stinger Ship EXPLODE when it gets hit by a bullet.

28. Create a flash artillery game – step 1

This flash game tutorial will teach you how to create a flash artillery game that shoot cannon balls like it do in the real thing.

29. Create a flash artillery game – step 2

This tutorial is a continuation of the first Flash artillery game tutorial found here. It will teach you how to add some details to make the game more interactive.

30. Create a flash game like Security – part 1

This flash game tutorial will teach you how to create a simple flash game wherein you will navigate through levels by using the arrow keys avoiding security traps and guards.

31. Creating a Platform Game

Platform games are an increasing popular form of game for online gaming. This tutorial will help you on your way to creating your own by deconstructing a very simple game.

32. Build a Minesweeper Game Within 200 Lines of Code

Minesweeper game consists of a group of squares where each square represents a region. Each region either contains a mine or not. Your mission is to reveal (or “open”) all the mine-free regions and mark the ones that contain mines. You open the region by left-clicking it, and mark a region by shift-clicking. The key for determining whether a certain region contains a mine or not is that for every 3×3 grid (9 regions) of squares, the number written on the region in the center represents the number of mines in the 8 other surrounding regions.