7 Best CSS3 Progressbars

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progress bars are great when you want to show the user that some action is happening, especially when it can take a long time.

1. CSS3 Progress bars

I made CSS3 progress bars for a display of data inside localized leaderboards for the new analytics platform at G5. They are light-weight, requiring no javascript. They look great on iOS devices and they’re incredibly simple to use and customize. No images are used.

2. CSS3 progress bars from galengidman.com

3. CSS3 Progress Bars from css-tricks.com

They use no images, just CSS3 fancies. Like a good little designer always does, they fall back to totally acceptable experience. Here’s what they look like in Opera 11 which supports some of the CSS3 used here but not all.

4. Cross Browser HTML5 Progress Bars In Depth

This experiment create progress bars using HTML5 the <progress> tag. This article will discuss how this tag is rendered by default in all operating systems and browsers and how to style the progress tag with CSS.

5. Simple CSS3 Progress Bar from cssdeck.com

The movement of the bar is achieved with CSS3 Animations and keyframes. Do note that the stripes are achieved with repeating linear gradients. Lots of CSS3 features used in this demo like keyframes, animations, box shadows, linear gradients, repeating linear gradients and text shadows. Cool Stuff 🙂

6. More CSS3 Progress Bars from cssdeck.com

7. CSS3 Progress Bars from sevenspark.com

Here’s a set of pure CSS3 Progress Bars. They are currently static (their progress percentage is set via CSS), but they could be adapted to any progress bar script I expect.