21 Cool Logo Design Templates For Small Business

in Graphic & Design

Here are cool logo templates for small business

1. Cozy Kitty

2. Little Bird

3. Ideas Studio

4. Jar of Love

5. Colorifik Logo

Logo of a lozenge shape built with multiple colorful small lozenges.

6. Digital foot print vector logo

7. Eco Store Logo

8. House Jungle Logo

9. Travel agency or flight school vector logo

10. Owl Brand

11. Code Zip Logo

12. Spicy Food Logo

Spicy Food is a template logo showing a pot cooking some highly explosive recipe for its pungent flavor and causing a small nuclear explosion.

13. Fresh Monk Logo

14. Cubuild Logo

Logo of a stylized rounded cube built with colorful small cubes.

15. Global Link Logo

16. Global Marketing Logo

17. Cow Cartoon Logo

18. Craft Roulette Logo Template

19. Kids Care Logo Template

20. Find Local Person

21. Quilt House Patch Craft DIY Logo