20 Cool Horror Poster Templates

in Graphic & Design

Here are cool PSDs for horror poster.

1. Halloween poster

2. Vintage Looking Horror Poster

Featuring two dark colored overlays, and an optional halftone pattern for more dramatic look.

3. Horror Poster

4. Halloween Horror Poster

5. Crime Or Horror Movie Poster

6. Horror Movie Poster Template

7. Horror Movie Poster

8. Horror Movie Poster Or Halloween Poster

9. Horror Film Poster

10. Horror – Movie Poster

11. Psycho Horror Film Poster Template

12. “Hidden” Horror Movie Poster Template

13. The Entity Horror Movie Poster Template

14. Afterlife Grunge Style Horror Film Poster

15. Horror – Movie Poster [Vol.2]

16. Horror – Movie Poster [Vol.7]

17. Horror Movie Poster Vol 6

18. The Blood Seeker Vintage Style Horror Film Poster

19. Horror Theatre – Halloween Flyer/Poster Template

20. Vintage Halloween Poster and a Bonus Card