10 Creative Real Estate Business Cards

in Inspiration

In the article we list some creative real estate business card for inspiration. Hope you find it useful.

 1. Real Estate Business Card

2. Classy Real Estate Business Card

Real Estate Business Card Photoshop PSD Template.

3. Corporate Real Estate Business

This business card is appropriate for a real estate agent seeking to help buyers and sellers or property. The red ribbon shape on the black background creates a sense of depth and space, which relates to the complex process of buying or selling a home.

4. Real Estate Agency Card

5. Graphic Real Estate

This business card would work for a real estate agent looking to convey a contemporary yet professional image. The vibrant colors and graphic patterns give this business card a unique aesthetic for a real estate agent.

6. BC Design Realestate Firm

7. Elegant Real Estate Business Card

Business card for real estate agents and agencies in an elegant black, white and grey style.

8. Real Estate Business Cards – Version 2

This is a mock-up of one of the real estate business card design versions we designed.

9.Chaput Real Estate

This logo and business card were created for a mother, daughter and son who were starting a real estate business together. The card folds in half with the silhouette of a house cut out creating this dynamic and memorable card.

10. Square Real Estate Business Cards

Business cards design for Colombian real estate company Okasa Inmobiliaria. All design was essentially inspired in its logo.